Our Approach

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to your financial life. Our goal is to act as your Chief Financial Advisor, and to assist you in all of your financial decisions.

Our team of experts brings over 100 years of combined financial services experience to the table to enable you to achieve what is important to you.

We believe in transparent fees for our clients and the use of state of the art planning software to deliver best in class value via portfolio construction in conjunction with accurate financial plans and retirement forecasting. We place just as much emphasis on risk as we do return. We believe in the power of hitting singles and doubles, typically aiming for returns in the 2-3% range if you’re Conservative, up to 5-6% if you’re Aggressive over a full market cycle, net of fees.

We believe in the use of Low fee ETFs, Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds and Alternative Product for portfolio construction depending on your investor profile and specific situation.

Our service commitment is one that sees us work with our clients on an ongoing basis, with regularly scheduled reviews and plan updates. We take time to work with your Accountants, Lawyers and professional network to ensure you’re presented with the ability to make the most optimal financial decisions possible.