For Business Owners

We are proud that many business owners in the Halton/Niagara region choose our team to look after their financial needs. Aside from delivering best in class service and providing high quality advice, what makes us valuable to business owners is our ability to service all their financial needs as a single entity. We offer wealth management, insurance, and group benefits solutions.

What you can expect from us:

Investing a Business Owner's Wealth:

  1. A retirement and estate plan – A personalized, well constructed financial plan that is tailored to your needs and designed to look after you and your family's wealth. Included: Ongoing regular reviews.
  2. Best in class value – investment management – We are price sensitive. We use a fee-based model and the average fee a business owner pays to invest with our team is around 1.4% all in after tax*. This includes the management fee of the products we use (MER) AND our service fee. *(based on $1,000,000 of investible assets). Our service fee is tax deductible.
  3. IPPs – For select successful high net worth business owners, the recommended use of an Individual Pension Plan (IPP). To put it simply, an IPP is like an RRSP for a business owner that allows them to deduct contributions and save up to 60% more than a traditional RRSP.

A Business Owner's Group/Employee Benefits:

  1. Competitiveness & Employee Retention – We work to keep our clients competitive, both in their market as well as in the labor market by attracting and retaining profitable talent.
  2. Protection – We provide guidance with liability management by identifying, controlling, and mitigating possible trouble areas. We also help to protect employer benefit plans from the greed in healthcare.
  3. Planning, Execution and Review - We do not believe in “one and done”. We monitor, manage and review benefit plans over time to ensure they continue to perform in the employer's best interests.

A Business Owner's Life/Disability Insurance:

  1. We are independent life/disability insurance brokers – We help manage risk and work to find the most suitable insurance coverage to meet a business owner's needs in accordance with their financial plan.
  2. Tax strategies – For certain business owners, we recommend insurance as a means of getting tax free money out of their corporation and to their respective family members.

Working with your professionals and access to our professionals

  1. Partnerships – Working with your accountant and lawyer to make optimal financial decisions.
  2. Referrals - Access to our preferred professional network of lawyers and accountants.